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  • Jason Rice

    Glad to see that they were not afraid to adapt the Lazarus Pit and Ra’s
    immortality for the series. Well, at least I’m pretty sure that the pool he
    dips his hand in (and was seen bathing in in the last episode) is the
    Lazarus Pit plus he said he met a magician in 1854 and 50 years later saw
    the same magician again when speaking to Malcolm. At this point, whether
    its soul transference, the Pit or just passing the name down from one
    person to another and somehow remembering everything that the last Ra’s did
    and said, there has got to be some form of mystical or magical element at
    work here with this Ra’s. So far so good. 

  • Gianluca Mastropietro

    Arrow First Season= Cool! Great work and great story!
    Arrow Second Season= It’s ok, it’s not like the first but it’s good enough.
    Arrow Third Season= WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE DOING? Everything it makes no
    sense! Why you do that? Hong Kong Flashback sucks, Oliver is becoming
    stronger than Batman and Superman! And Malcolm Merlyn has been turned into
    a poor scared idiot. Everyone is a fighter… there are no more vulnerable
    characters. And now we’ve got Iron Man too. What a shame!

  • David Zander

    He will become the Head of the League of Assasins, will re-brand it to the
    League of Justice to accomodate to his no-kill-rule and will have Atom,
    Flash and Firestorm join his group. BAM: Spin-Off

  • kwsrchoudhury


    “It’s celebration time as Diggle and Lyla get married. However, Deadshot
    interrupts their honeymoon and tells them the Suicide Squad has been given
    a new mission – rescue United States Senator Joseph Cray from a hostage
    situation in the Republic of Kasnia. Amanda Waller breaks down the mission
    and introduces them to the newest member of the Suicide Squad, Cupid .
    Meanwhile, Oliver learns about Ray’s new Atom costume and the two have a
    heated stand-off. Felicity and Ray hit a rough patch.”

  • Amanda B

    I don’t really know what to expect, and honestly we can only speculate, but
    I think some how everyone will turn their back on Oliver (like Ra’s says)
    and the only thing he has left is to leave the city to become a member of
    the league or the new Ra’s…..but I honestly don’t know. I’m just trying
    to listen and interpret what Ra’s is saying during the video. 

  • Rainz v2

    i really want oliver to accept the offer , maybe not to stay with the
    league but for a while!
    eventually handing it down to maseo 🙂 

  • Semih Atıf ÖZTÜRK

    Man,Oliver spends his 5 years in Island like hell.And he came back.But I
    noticed a sideeffect that Island did to Oliver.Oliver can’t decide who the
    real women he always love.First had sex with Shado,came back and countinue
    with Laurel (even she has a boyfriend who the one Oliver’s best friend,that
    can’t stoped him),then Huntress,Sarah(again),now Felicity.Come on Oliver
    decide that already.That really made me mad.And theri one more thing I’d
    like to add this list,kisses.They really don’t stop.You guys get that
    weird,or you can say all the time in the show all that you saw just those?
    No,I watched Flash too.And I liked it.But I still watch the arrow of
    course.I just to share my feelings.

  • Semih Atıf ÖZTÜRK

    I excepting from Ra’s Al Ghul to say that “I made that offer for many times
    someone like you,but he refused over and over again”.A referance to that