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Ariana Grande’s Reaction To Big Sean Talking About Her PU$$Y


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  • Justgivemethetruth

    The only way they can make any money off music any longer is to do this
    “anti-social” networking thing so the kids think they are getting away with
    something and cool. These kids just do what producer’s tell them to, they
    are glorified prostitutes for fame … that’s it.

  • Aasia Abal

    She found that person,he is not her level,mentally,he is one of million
    rapers,who use girl because of popularity,he will make her bad soon or

  • Franciele Dias

    ok my opinion, it does NOT like it really, just want to earn more fame and
    money, the two have nothing to do and just clueless people that do not
    understand it, nothing against, but they are an odd couple, and it is clear
    that he does not want anything serious with it to not be with their money,
    they are more a couple “created” to make more money, that’s all, and damn
    those who do not agree with me.

  • Danielle Estela

    Tbh Big Sean to me has no respect for Ariana. I mean for God sakes, if i
    had a boyfriend i wouldn’t want him exposing our private sex life to the
    fucking world. Now whatever, Ariana can react the way she wants, i just
    find it slightly odd that this doesn’t bother her a little bit? I lost my
    respect for her the moment she started trimming her skirt shorter to become
    more popular. Not trying to offend any fans but this is my opinion, so deal
    with it.

  • Elizabeth Cuevas

    That is so messed up ariana grande he is not a good guy talking about ur
    private things and he said he feels rich he is just using u for money 

  • Stephanie Walters

    I think this shows a great lack of respect for herself. I understand she’s
    not a little girl on Disney anymore, but a woman (no matter what age)
    should never stand for any man talking about them in such a vulgar manner.
    I read a comment “that’s what rappers rap about”, which proves my point.
    He’s talking about her like she’s some slut he banged, she shouldn’t feel
    proud of that.

  • Charles Nelson

    for all these dumbass 12 year olds that wont let me comment on their post.
    /; :/
    . / ./
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

  • mya Morrison

    Why would you even talk about something like that on Air or in an Song that
    is just messed up and why would she even stand for something like that do
    not let your guard down.