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Ariana Grandes New Song “Adore” With Cashmere Cat – Dylan O’Brien Will Play Spiderman? (DHR)


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  • PhoebeTDM is on fire 123

    If he did play spiderman then when will he shoot the scorch trails , unless
    it has been film as it comes out this year 

  • zanygris0612

    i dont like missgrande… but from what I heard she deals with anxiety and
    so do I … so it must be very hard to live and perform dealing with that
    …with her kind of live

  • xxUnipandaSxx

    Why does Ariana have to get so much hate?? She’s so slutty, wearing those
    clothes, yet she’s a child, and she hates her fans. (That’s what YOU say
    not me) No one is satisfied!!! She LOVES her fans, okay? You only say she
    doesn’t because you’re not even a FAN of her, so you wouldn’t even know, so
    shut up, k? 

  • GoldenSnowFairy

    Waaaiiiit ok I really love Dylan Obrien and he would be a great spiderman
    but is he going to replace Andrew Garfield in the next movie?? Or is that
    going to be a new trilogy? Because Andrew Garfield is my baby <3 <3 <3 and
    he absolutely needs to be in the next spiderman

  • carolina T

    Of course A.G’s tour isn’t good, all her performances are always so
    lifeless, her backup dancers upstage her, and she has a good voice but it
    doesn’t have any depth/emotion to it. She sings…. Just to sing… So no
    surprise. Not a hater just calling it how I see it. Don’t care about what
    arianators have to say.

  • Anadia Cruz

    I think Dylan O’Brien should be in Spiderman because he’s handsome and a
    talented actor and he deserves the part!!!!!!!

  • Kailey Marie

    I went to Ariana’s concert on March 3rd. She sang really good live! When
    she opened the show, she started out with Bang Bang. She did mess up on
    Bang Bang by singing Nicki’s part at the wrong time but quickly recovered.
    That was the fourth show she has done on the tour. I think she is learning
    from her previous mistakes and by the end of the tour, she’ll be a pro at
    the whole concert thing.

  • Morgan Arbuckle

    It’s just funny reading all the comments about saying logan should play
    spiderman, even if logan was spiderman no one will be as good as Tobey

  • AriSlaysMusic _

    I also just wanna say, Ariana is famous for her voice. Its one of those
    rare voices you get like the ones from legendary singers like Whitney
    Houston, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, and many others. Ariana is not a
    performer, she is a singer. Honestly at her show she had probably the best
    dance moves I have ever seen her do! But her voice is what appeals to us.
    Those critics were more than likely judging her and comparing her to other
    popular pop artists who dance the entire time, and hide under lip syncing
    and not as appealing voices. Sorry for ranting, its just I went to her tour
    and the people that I talked to at the show said that concert made their
    lives. It certainly made mine too, her voice is so beautiful.

  • Michael RJ Carter

    Those stupid reviews are so annoying and false. Not the biggest Ariana fan
    but have to admit The Honeymoon Tour is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It
    shows how much she loves and cares for her fans. 

  • Bangtan Squad

    I want to see how Dylan is going to play spiderman I’m curious. Andrew is
    kinda old for spiderman ( 4 me) but he was a good actor in the movie.

  • iamjessyo

    Ok so Dylan supposly said everything is a rumor because he hasn’t even been
    personally approached about the role but a name Dylan said that is indeed
    suggested to play Spiderman is Logan Lerman. 

  • chloemerrygold714

    Listen to me now,all of the Teo Halm fans NEED Teo to play this part! We’re
    trying so hard to try to get him the part! I love Dylan but I need Teo!!! < as u see he's my profile pic!

  • i am not hedwig

    I don’t think Dylan O’Brien should be Spiderman. Don’t really know much
    about him but as a Tumblr person I think someone of colour should play
    Spidey… it’s time.

  • Lara Tiemann

    Ariana’s tour is perfect do you guys have any idea how scared and nervous
    she is it’s her first world tour of course she’s awkward and uncertain
    about what to say at some point but the tour is fucking perfect

  • TEENLife 13

    I honestly think Logan should be Spider-Man !! 1. because he’s and amazing
    actor and he should get more attention for it and 2. no one is gonna watch
    the actual movie of Dylan is gonna be Spider-Man ! his fan girls are just
    gonna watch him and be fake and say Spider-Man is perfect or whatever! I
    love Spider-Man so that’s why I’m watching it

  • Daniel Padilla

    Here’s my thing with Ariana, she’s not a performer she’s a singer. Dancing
    obviously isn’t her thing but she’s not that bad, that being said I can see
    how the harsher critics would call it a dress rehearsal cuz her dancing
    isn’t top notch GaGa-Beyoncé choreography. But no one can deny her amazing
    voice, there no doubt that when you go see her she’s gonna be singing live.
    I’m still debating whether I should or actually can go to her show, time
    will tell

  • Kriss Tyna

    Teen Wolf without Styles is like a balloon without air. That’s all I can
    say. And Dylan….If you’re reading this, send me a cookie! xx

  • Devereux Eudy

    I like the ORIGINAL Spiderman!!!!! (Even though I have never seen a
    Spiderman movie before, I still saw the trailer.) Will someone f**king tell
    me who was the #OrignalSpiderman?!! But srsly, DO IT!!

  • XurBot

    i think Dylan O’Brien is a really good actor but i mean look at the kid
    and what he is doing right now do you really think he would have the time
    to shoot for this movie. Plus spiderman looks like a nerd not a hipster

  • Jamie Rieger

    As Much As I Love Dylan I Honestly Think He Would Make The Perfect Dick
    Grayson { Nightwing } The First Boywonder & Side-Kick To Batman. I Believe
    That Role Would Fit Him Way Better Than Spider Man Just Because Dick
    Grayson Is A Smartass & Dylan Can Really Have Freedom With It. Plus, When I
    Think Dick Grayson I Honestly Think Dylan. 

  • Coco Delicious

    Obviously because it was Ariana Grande’s first major tour, there will be a
    few problems and she is still learning but I’m deffo excited about the new
    song with Cashmere Cat because “Be My Baby” was such a tune!! Also I’m not
    happy with another Spiderman change, I love Andrew Garfield as Spiderman,
    they shouldnt change it!

  • piplupfan32

    I went to her tour in Chicago and it was the best time I had all my life.
    She is fucking perfect oh my god

  • TheHaunted Pegacorn

    Clevver is so underrated like the hosts are all caring and this channel is
    all high quality videos but seriously I prefer it like this because we all
    can interact more 

  • Huda H

    OMG YESS finally some Dylan O’Brien news!! Omg if he seriously got that
    role I would be soooo happy! Especially since he LOVES spiderman.. its his
    dream role!

  • Logan Loalbo

    those reviews are so mean . i love ariana grande and i think that her tour
    is freaking AWESOME !!! i want to go sooooooo badly !

  • Zillah Rogers

    Nobody can’t really complain about Ariana grande concerts because I don’t
    know any one as good as a singer she u can disagree but to me she is a
    great singer