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  • BluePandaxD

    Taylor Switching To Pop From Country Was Her Decision And Was Different To
    What Any Other Singer Has Ever Done. I Like How She Has Gone Out There And
    Done Something Different As It Has Shown A Different Side To Her And Shows
    She Is Capable, Which Is What Many Fans Like To See.

  • Erzana Veselaj

    Ariana is my idol so yeah… I like Taylor’s voice, but her songs sound
    like she’s talking, but othervise she’s great. Why would she be a pop
    princess tho?? Isn’t she supposed to be country??

  • Zaroof Haider

    Ariana infinity percent. No offense, Ariana has a way better voice. And if
    you think Ariana is the diva, she’s not. Taylor is. I saw this video when
    Ariana was in NYC and when she got into her car, people came over and they
    got selfies, hugs, kisses, and she even complimented a person! On the other
    hand, Taylor was on a walk with her family and guess what? She didn’t wave
    to anyone and her dad made the paparazzi move away so that they wouldn’t be
    able to get a good photo of Taylor. (In her defense, she did smile.) But
    really? If they wanted to take a walk were they wouldn’t be photographed,
    buy a private garden. Like cmon. She has millions of dollars to buy a
    private garden to walk on from charging people money to listen to her music
    on spotify…

  • Mia Clark

    There’s nothing but fights in these comments it’s anoying and if you had a
    fight in these comments just be careful on what you say because kids mite
    be on here like me!

  • •Boca Bear•

    Ariana, Taylor had many boyfriends cause she cant keep them long enough.
    All she writes about it break up songs tbh I mean its pathetic how is she
    gonna get married? And before you start hating just note that Taywhore has
    had 12 boyfriends.

  • Cathy Torres

    First of all, Ariana’s music isn’t even that hard to sing. Because of the
    fact that she uses her head voice all the time, it makes it easier for her
    to reach higher notes, which is not at all impressive. She doesn’t use air
    behind her vocals, which is why she sounds winded all the time. She simply
    does not know how to breathe while she’s singing. So for those of you
    saying that Ariana is the pop “queen” or princess because she has a killer
    voice and better vocals, your argument is invalid. Ariana is not a
    performer. She doesn’t even write half of her lyrics and her music is very
    amateur and mediocre. The most sales she has gotten on an album was 500,000
    and she has had two pop albums already. Taylor Swift on the other hand has
    written ALL of her songs. And before I keep going, let me just say that
    EVERY ARTIST sings about their relationships. That’s including big artist
    right now such as Bruno Mars, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, and more. Isn’t it
    funny that those are all men? Taylor gets so much hate for absolutely no
    reason when it comes to her relationships. And for those of you that do
    make fun of her or criticize her for it, GROW UP. You all need to go
    through her albums and realize that not all her songs about relationships.
    There are plenty. Now where were we…She’s a great performer. She’s great
    to her fans. She’s passionate about music and the industry and takes her
    job seriously. She has sold over 1 million copies in the first week for
    three consecutive albums, including her FIRST pop album, 1989, which her
    label said she wasn’t going to be able to pull off successfully. She has
    taken risks. She’s not afraid of being herself. She has defied the odds in
    the industry, proving that you don’t need to be provocative and write songs
    about sex to sell millions of albums like so many artists in the industry
    do right now. And sure, she doesn’t have the greatest voice in the planet.
    She might not be Whitney Houston. She’s not great at performing at awards
    shows or late night interviews, but who cares? As long as she can sing for
    her fans, nothing else matters. I dare you to go to one of her concerts
    while she’s on tour and then tell me that she can’t sing. That girl has
    sold out 11 Staples Center concerts, the most for a solo artist, and has
    sung the hell out of every performance. And although all that success has
    been for her as a country artist, I don’t doubt for a second that she can
    do it all over again as a pop artist. She’s already heading that direction
    with Time Magazine saying “Taylor Swift IS the music industry”. What a
    coincidence that that was said after releasing 1989, isn’t it? With that, I
    end this with Taylor Swift is not the pop Princess. She is the pop QUEEN. 

  • Lassie Grande

    tbh.. i just adore both but let`s be honest; check aris vocal range n then
    taylors. you can obvisiouly see that ari kills that shit. her voice is so
    flexible. u cant compare them both; it wouldnt be fair. ARIANA IS THE

  • fatihah begum

    Naa I think Taylor should, Ariana is technically barbie. You know.. The
    bitchy one in cliche books.. Her music’s.. Yeh whatever buh Taylor has been
    working hard for ages. She fucking deserves it!

  • Vichetcaa

    Taylor Swift all the way. Ariana is a diva and a bitch. don’t even with
    your stupid comments Arianators. Taylor has been working for year and won
    multiple grammys and vma’s while ariana only won one vma. It take years to
    earn your spot at queen/princess

  • Heleyna Roxas

    Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift are both awesome but tbh Ariana’s voice is
    higher than taylor but Taylor’s voice is nice we’re all talking about
    “who’s the pop princess?” we don’t have to hate Ariana and all the
    arianators but we don’t have to hate Taylor and all the swifties out there

  • pathe360

    Taylor. Her music is more successful. Better song writer. She’s been around
    on the music scene longer and has proved longevity and consistency. She has
    her own sound, and she has more musical accolades. 

  • Kassidy Leavitt

    ok no. taylor swift is COUNTRY. thats not even a question you cant compare
    either because taylor doesnt deserve crap im sorry, ariana is definitely on
    top because she slays her voice is perfect and not annoying at all and she
    is super nice and genuine she is queen in my defense. 

  • Inelia Dumercy

    LMFAO is this even a question it’s obviously Ariana Grande I mean Taylor
    Swift yeah she’s ok and all but really she just talks in her songs that’s
    just my opinion and Ariana Grande what I love about her is how she teaches
    people to respect themselves and she talks about her bully experience to
    help others as well and she’s being bullied today by all these dumbass
    stupid rumors about her but I’m pretty sure loving her fans and taking pics
    with them is not being a diva I’m sorry but that’s just the truth

  • Sydney Stevenson

    Ariana 100%. Ariana has always done pop while Taylor just started this
    year. We’ve all heard Taylor’s pop live

  • Vicky Hsieh

    Taylor Swift…fans have complained about how rude Ariana was..sorry
    Arianators please don’t bother insulting 

  • Dina Richards

    Ariana all the way…taylor literally just decided to make a pop album and
    now your trying to call her a pop princess, like no…taylors vocals don’t
    even compare to arianas…Ari is way better although i do like taylor, they
    just aren’t on the same level vocally

  • Jada Scott

    Are you on a grande all of the way she’s been working so hard in her
    performances I love them so much I like how she stays with the crew all the
    time when she does performances and I just feel like well I am a grande’s
    been doing all this great music for a long time and she’s been doing a very
    great job with doing it but I just feel Taylor that she just now started
    doing pop music so I feel like she’s sort of on a very low level right now
    and new to this so Just just think that well they should not give Taylor
    Swift the pop princess “Award “because Taylor Swift she stored of coming up
    right now with the pop music but I have a grande’s been doing it she’s on
    top she is the queen

  • AJ in Jamaa

    Hollywood Life, honest I thnk Taylor Swift is killing it, Ariana not so
    much I haven’t even seen or heard her musicin a while.

  • Esteban Garcia

    Todos los cantantes me gustan yo no comparo la voz sino las canciones me
    gustan así k no tengo preferidos me gusta como canta ari y taylor pero no
    habrá nunca nadie mejor k nadie todos valemos lo mismo

  • Eva Keir

    Ariana just learnt how to scream with a squeaky while Taylor has the rhythm
    the voice and glamour and am not a Taylor fan or a Ariana just being honest
    a pretty face dosent make u a master of music 

  • chinoLELO

    I love how Taylor’s fans state that she is the Princess of Pop, and dare to
    mention something negative about Ariana, whilst the Arianators only state
    that Ariana is the Princess, without the need of talking smack about
    Taylor. Just shows the maturity difference between both fan bases. Love you
    Ari <3 Keep up the good work Tay Tay.

  • Alyssa Roberts

    Ariana is the best that is just my option and I’m not hating on Taylor I
    love Taylor but I feel like Ariana grande is more my style 

  • Emira Videos

    Taylor swift all the way not just because I’m a swifte but because ariana
    grande sounds like she copies mariah Carey way to much. Have you heard how
    she sounds like she strains her voice. She dosent sing as smoothly and
    Mariah Carey. And she breaths way to much when she sing, she should rally
    try to breth thought Her nose and not her mouth. Another thing is taylor
    swift dates because that’s part of life amd experiences and everybody knows
    she wouldent be anywhere if she got popular just becade she writes songs
    about her breakups so she has real potential. And lastly taylor swifts
    album is way bette then Ariana’s. She writes about life and learning from
    mistakes and all ariana writes about is about having sex with people and
    she has really bad examples like the song just a little bite of your heart.
    That’s all about guys saucing her and not really loving her for her but for
    sex. And lastly Taylor swift sound more then one million hits and records
    in her new album in less then a week and that’s really impressive because
    people don’t even really buy records and CDs these day because you can
    download and buy on AppStore! So what do you all arianators have to say
    about that huh!

  • Coco Delicious

    Ariana Grande is deffo the Princess of Pop! She’s hella cute, Glam game
    strong, her voice is perfect and brings a tear to my eye AND She didnt have
    to date like 274667349 guys to sell albums. boom.

  • Everything Emily04

    Taylor is QUEEN and NO one will EVER be better then her! She invited people
    into her houses and baked for them and let them listen to 1989 like 2
    months in advance!that is perf!