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  • dumplings1997

    She’s his ex so why is he still concerning himsekf with her????? Just shows
    that he still has something for her.

  • Jacqueline Sorto

    Obviously he’s still not over whatever happened between him and his ex.
    he’s calling out his ex Ariana shouldn’t be on the song makes her look dumb
    in my opinion even if she’s just singing the hook. He might still have
    feelings for his ex if he’s making a song about her. 

  • Jose Reyes

    Team drake !ariana grande just has a little kid fan base !i think they all
    should look up to drake hes a hit boy!

  • Izabella Naula

    I am on big Sean and ariana grande side and I don’t know why people keep
    saying ariana grande is using Sean as publicity that is not true so get
    your facts straight .next Sean is not using ariana to get naya jealous .big
    Sean and ariana grande love each a lot .they will never do that to each

  • Pernell Washington

    These bitches are so stupid. Both Brezzy and Drake are on Sean’s album.
    That man was throwing shit at no one.

  • Eliza Mcjones

    +Hollywood Life Very misleading title. He wasn’t ‘calling out ‘ Those
    artist. If anything he was ‘calling out’ His ex…

  • Rym47heLove

    How can you people really sit here and be brainwashed by the this video? I
    heard the song he could’ve been talking about anyone TBH. Lol not once did
    Sean mentioned Naya, but if he was talking about her, how would we know?
    You people assume and believe everything I swear. It’s just a Fucking song.

  • imanii j

    okay #1 the FUCKING SONG IS NOT ABOUT HER !!! and so what if she has small
    boobs… numbers on her checks aren’t small… they are happy and he isn’t
    throwing shade… he is rapping about stuff people can relate to… maybe
    if u didn’t get your information about stuff from unreliable sources such
    as these… then you would no that… he isn’t worried about her either…
    none of his songs are about her… he’s said it twice about this song and
    numerous times about idfwu… and just because ariana doesn’t look like
    she’s had Botox… and we face is still youthful doesn’t mean he looks 45
    years next to her… that’s only to u and every other hating idiot so you
    can relax and stop worrying about big Sean and ariana because they are
    happy and don’t give any fucks about their exes

  • Richard Harris

    This is why artist hate these blogs and vlogs. In what way did big sean
    throw shade at Meek, Drake or CB? If anything he called out his ex girl for
    being a hip hop hoe. And I didn’t hear Arianna say anything. You fuckers
    hype shit up and create beef where there is none.

  • chanell clemonts

    I think Big Sean still have huge feeling for his ex ……… but Big
    Granda is sure not going to last ….. cuz u can alright tell he making all
    her songs about ex but we’re ariana songs !?!?!?

  • Joseph Velez

    Ariana and big Sean I mean if Naya was with drake and not being faithful
    she deserves to get dissed and honestly arianas way prettier than her

  • prettyboytwin11

    Haha they are all boys and that’s why he’s dropping their names lol he
    knows they are cool with it 

  • Worship Ariana

    just because sean wrote a song about his ex doesnt mean that hes talking
    about naya. you act like 12 yr olds man

  • Kaylee Brown

    Big Sean obviously still has feelings about Naya if he’s gonna keep dissing
    her in his songs. He’s probably just using Ariana to make her jealous.

  • Ryan Watson

    I wish I could block your channel from coming up EVER AGAIN. Your stories
    never make any sense, and your people are very undereducated on every topic
    they seem to discuss. you spread fake rumours at a constant rate, you
    should be ashamed of yourselves for the jobs you have. You’re no better
    then the paparazzi that terrorize celebrities in an every day manner. 

  • Ikram Osman

    Big Sean is just a big fat jerk he needs to get over his ex girlfriend
    Why is he keep mentioning her?
    Such a turn off when guys talk shit about their ex’s
    Get over it u cry baby! 

  • Don Thrilla

    Comedy is defiance. It’s a snort of contempt in the face of fear and
    anxiety. And it’s the laughter that allows hope to creep back on the

  • One of the loves

    When in the video did Ariana dissed anyone? You guys put anything in your
    title just to get viewers. All i see is Big Sean dissing don’t bring Ari
    into this just because it’s a collab. Smh

  • Kobey Valentine

    Dear Hollywood Life,

    Stop repeating everything you hear on Black Twitter, you don’t know what
    you’re saying.

    Black People

  • Cassie Cruz

    How does ariana have anything thing to do with big Sean throwing shade on
    drake and meek mill? And Sean nor did Ariana throw shade on chris so stfu
    Hollywood life

  • Mitchell Rodriguez

    my nigga leave it too white people to not know what the term ‘throw shade’
    means and exaggerate bars 

  • sheygiya13

    @hollywood life you guys should be ashamed of yourselves. So are you gonna
    claim every song Sean sings about women is now about Naya. Stop spreading
    false rumors. As for you Naya fans, no names were called so unless you know
    Naya personally and know that what he said fits her description, how do you
    know this song is about Naya. Big Sean has moved on and so has Naya. You
    guys should move on as well.

  • Chea Kabode

    Sean your playing the wrong game. Your ex didn’t seem to mind for you
    anymore, so keep yourself stuck to your new bitchy girlfriend. Drake has
    been in the game for awhile, so keep your ass out of his lane!! 

  • sierra mays

    Big Sean needs to sit his ass down somewhere. Naya obviously gives no fucks
    about his pettiness so i don’t understand why he feels the need to throw
    shade at her every chance he gets. Do you see her go on any social media
    and drag him through the dirt? No she doesn’t. Instead of worrying about
    her what he needs to do is worry about his itty bitty tittie committee
    girlfriend and her lack of dance skills and coordination! You can talk
    about other people when you find someone who doesn’t make you look like a
    forty five year old dad walking with his daughter when y’all, are on a

  • Chea Kabode

    TEAM DRAKE!!! Okay the reason why is because Ariana only been a star for
    about 2 years now (fresh in the game). She’s already being such a diva and
    doesn’t know how to handle herself. So, for them to be addressing people,
    MIND YOUR BUSINESS!!! Ariana is too protected by other stars, and creates a
    weird and confusing image for people. And as for Sean, you can honestly
    find a better girl.