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  • Aj Lee

    Do not compare me to John cena. I don’t bury divas like cena did to Rusev.
    Summer rae and eva marie don’t cut it. I’m aj Lee and I am the divas
    division. #blackwidowallday

  • CJ Johnson

    I really hate the fact that Vince just doesn’t care about the Divas
    Division. 3 minute matches on a 3 hour show every week is just very
    ridiculous for Divas who actually have a lot of talent and it is a terrible
    way to build up any Divas storyline.

  • wwe creative

    This match was terrible. Aj is so sloppy, she’s suppose to be this great
    wrestler according to IWC because she worked the Indy’s. Summer is sloppy
    but she never struggled this bad with other divas. Aj is not a good
    wrestler end of story. Wow!

  • Edgee

    -Divas Get No Entrance
    -The match was only 3 minutes
    -The match felt rushed,
    hence the reason why it
    looked sloppy.
    When will WWE finally give the Divas a chance?

  • Seth Rollins' Briefcase

    Summer Rae and Cameron should quit already. Seeing them performing wasted 3
    mins of my life. I couldve watch funny dog videos on youtube than this bs

  • PG LEGENDS Dean Amboob and Ryboob Rules

    Aj lee sucks, cauz she date Cm quitty, aj lee also likes the d, but my
    ambrose and ryback desstory aj

  • Cody Fortier

    When will most of you marks understand that the reason the divas division
    sucks is because WWE doesn’t care about them. It’s not Paige or AJ and it’s
    not even the Bellas it’s WWE and Vince.

  • Thomas Tekno

    I swear I wish WWE can hire me to write storylines for the divas or be in
    control of the diva division.. first off I would get rid of the divas title
    and bring back the women’s championship.. divas on the main roster I would
    release are : Rosa Mendes, Layla, Brie Bella, Cameron, Eva Marie, Summer
    Rae and maybe Tamina if she doesn’t recover fast enough.. and the divas on
    NXT I wouldn’t ask any of them to be called up just yet because I would be
    focused on AJ, Alicia Fox, Emma, Naomi, Natalya, Nikki and Paige.. and I
    would book a 7 women’s steel cage match and the winner becomes WWE women’s
    champion. Trust me I would book every single diva in nothing but excellent
    matches because they all are excellent and deserve more than what WWE is
    giving them and telling them what’s gonna play out!

  • Troubled0ne-

    so much for #givedivasachance should have kknown that was never going to
    happen as long as slutj and paige are there

  • HeelSummer

    if you ever needed more proof how much better summer is than that overrated
    rat just watch this match! summer is perfection and ratface botches all her
    moves. #givesummerachance

  • manny penkins

    Why are Aj, Paige, and the Bellas being blamed for the divas division not
    improving? It is Vince McMahon’s fault, yet people continue to blame
    certain divas for it.

  • Amira Sulley

    The divas divsion sucks and they never bring back the actual divas that
    don’t stand behind their husband or wear slutty clothes the real dvas like
    trish and lita well I know they can’t come back but at least kelly kelly
    and maryse

  • W2XE

    Am I the only one thinking that this “give divas a chance” push won’t last
    that long and they’ll shortly be going back to the 2 minute matches…..

  • TheMile816v3

    No wonder some people don’t care for the Divas. They always make their PPV
    matches seem so unimportant. They just had the Bellas cut a promo and
    booked AJ for a meaningless match. That will really get people to care and
    wanna see the match at WM. . . .

    And let me not even get started on how *STUPID* it is to have a tag match
    for WM instead of a Divas title match.

    How does #GiveDivasAChance mean anything if WWE doesn’t care to put effort
    into making their PPV matches more important, or to put the damn title on
    the line?

  • Operation Darknet

    Does anyone else notice that AJ and Paige are like John Cena and Roman
    Reigns? AJ is the John Cena overpushed, barely talented, stale character
    that gets shoved down our throats. Paige is the Roman Reigns forcefully
    pushed because of politics, no talent, no character except being an AJ
    clone, only knows 4 moves, and is getting shoved down our throats even
    though 90% of the roster has more talent than she does. This is the reason
    WWE is dying. Until AJ retires and Paige gets fired the division will
    always suck.

  • manny penkins

    The matches are already back to 3 minutes and there is atag match at mania
    instead of a fatal four way. Is it that hard to build a storyline and give
    the divas more time? This whole trend was not only for 1 week.