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  • JOBROFAN1583

    i love when people come on here and say that the show sucks well if you
    think that way then wtf are you even watching this for anyway shut the fuck
    up this show is one the fewer things that’s good about disney now it’s
    DEFINITELY NOT better than boy meets world but i’ll tell ya 1 thing it’s 10
    TIMES BETTER than the stupid shit they got now the only thing good about
    disney now is this show good luck charlie and disney replay if you don’t
    like this show then fine but wtf would you click on this video in the 1st
    place you fuckin retards

  • Anardis Zapater

    okay soo tbh but this is the WORST disney channel serie like EVER, is
    really annoying and stupid idk how people like this shit, like dog whit a
    blog that SERIE SUCKS FOR REAL!!

  • Yasmin Lopez

    This is the worst show i have ever seen tbh i used to love disney but when
    they started with violetta i stopped watching it… Now they have bad
    acting and wtf is this show even about “girl meets world” they should name
    it “how to make your 9 year old depressed just stupid :)” idk i have alot
    of opinions tbh

  • Jlanga Studios

    GMW has a season finale this month “Girl Meets First Date” (March) And
    there will be a random episode in April that does not count as season 1 or
    2 called “Girl Meets Demolition” (And demolition is a shop if you remember
    one of the recent episodes) And the first episode of season 2 (debuting in
    june) Is called “Girl Meets Pluto”

    Also i knew: 1, 3, 4, and 6

  • Aneeqa Ali

    Okay, I’m not hating on the shows that’s on Disney Channel nowadays, but
    nearly ALL the shows have the same logic and same story. DISNEY CHANNEL was
    when Wizards Of Waverly Place, Sonny With A Chance, The Suite Life On Deck
    and Hannah Montana was on. Now it’s all love and stupid stuff. One of the
    shows that AREN’T bad would be Jessie, Good Luck Charlie and Girl Meets
    World! COME ON DISNEY!

  • the everything channel

    Did you also know that sabiran’s sister sarah is also in the show in all
    the classroom scene’s the one in the brown hair next to sabriana.

  • Nichole Gomes

    my heart stopped when I heard Demi’s name because that’d be soo cool to see
    her guest star on the show it’s been awhile shine she’s been on TV but the
    thing about Demi and Selena is that they don’t really get along with each
    other anymore 

  • Annakawaii FantageMinecraftandmore

    This Is one of my fave tv shows on disney but i dont really watch disney
    anymore only for girl meets world and gravity falls and also sometimes when
    it is showing movies oh and also is this the first comment if so im gonna
    be the stereotypical troll and say FIRST

  • xxALIxx

    The three kids thing isn’t true. Auggie wasn’t supposed to exist. The were
    going to have Elliot be the older brother of Riley somewhat mirroring a
    older/younger sibling relationship like Cory and Eric’s

  • Richard Rodriguez

    I like how this show is something new and fresh from the rest of the new
    #DisneyChannel shows and that each episode teaches a lesson. And who
    wouldn’t want to see #SelenaGomez and #DemiLovato as guest stars on the
    show? In fact it would be cool to see them both on the same episode just
    for old times sake!!!!!! Like if you agree!!!!!!

  • Eliza Kennedy

    I knew all of these… Is that weird?
    Fun fact (that, most likely, anyone who clicked on this video probably
    knew…) Rowan, who plays Riley, the main character, wasn’t even born when
    Boy Meets World ended….

  • Marcelo Richard Duran

    some episodes that were programed to season 1 that the cast filmed at ends
    of 2013 were moved to season2 like : girl meeets fish , girl meets missy ,
    marissa and maria , etc

  • Adamaris Urias

    Im not sure if this is true or not but i heard that rowan blanchard
    auditioned for the role of mya and sabrina carpenter auditioned for the
    role of riley

  • Rosie Mullaghy

    I loved boy meet world but this show doesn’t match up I feel. but I will
    say that that boy is cuteeeeeeeeeeee 

  • Sydni A Underwood

    Hey should have had three kids or at least have another In the future. That
    would make it more like BMW. Currently it doesn’t seem like it to me but
    hopefully it gets better

  • ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ Harrok !

    I admit, Disney has some cheesy moments, and the autolaugh thing, But it
    wouldnt be the same without it. If it didnt have cheesy acting at some
    points and the autolaugh it would be like watching a show on channel 7,
    aka: Blackish, Fresh off the boat, Hells kitchen, and the list goes on. And
    its made for 7+ Not 13+. If you don’t like their shows, dont watch them.

  • Angel Awesomeness

    The reason why girl meets world is so bad is because theres a lesson
    learned in every episode. For example dog with a blog has a lesson learned
    but its hidden in the ACTUAL comedy. If girl meets world lesson learned was
    hidden and had comedy it would be alot better

  • Jelke Lenaerts

    Cory and Topanga never where going to have 3 children Always two with the
    first planned Elliot plot Auggie wasn’t a part of the family
    by the way knew all

  • melanie almeida

    I actually like this show (along with gravity falls) it’s so much better
    then dumb shows like “I didn’t do it” and “liv and Maddie” and the new one
    K.C. Under cover isn’t that bad but nothing will ever beat the disney I
    used to watch like that’s so raven and the suite life of Zach and Cody 

  • Breanna Johnson

    I’m a huge fan of girl meets world and boy meets world. I would love to
    meet rowan Blanchard and Sabrina carpenter.

  • Emilie F

    The show is ok I just find it much too philosophical. It’s like it’s
    constantly trying to teach me a lesson, like every 2 minutes “here’s the
    meaning of life”… Bmw was kind of like that of course but gmw is just way
    over the top! These kids are interested in unrealistic things and some
    times they are much too smart for their age… There was one episode where
    the blond girl wanted to quite school cous Cory failed her… Didn’t get

  • Marianna Rocha

    Unlike most people saying they hate this show I want to say I truly enjoy
    this show. I honestly don’t watch Disney Channel often anymore but shows I
    genuinely enjoy from there are Gravity Falls, Austin and Ally and Girl
    Meets World. They are pretty good shows people need to chill , yeah Disney
    isn’t as great as it use to be but its not all gone to the trash either.

  • webkinzlove123

    honestly, the show is just ok. The acting IS very corny but there are
    episodes I actually like. and tbh, it’s fine to put “lessons” in episodes,
    BUT it’s NOT necessary to put lessons in EVERY EPISODE. Like it gets
    annoying when they do it in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. But overall, if I would
    rate the series, I’d give it a 3 out of 10.