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  • LadyiSh09

    woooowwww, he didnt even say that.. you people man smh. all he said was
    beyonce has 11 producers on her album and beck doesnt. that doesnt mean
    he’s saying he’s more talent, talent comes in a variety of ways. smh. bad
    reporting. stupid unreliable garbage media

  • Richard Cole

    What the fuck is a Beck? I’m so sorry but I still don’t know. Idgaf what
    anyone has to say because in my opinion Beyoncé deserved that grammy for
    album of the year. When that digital dropped it made the world stop.
    Literally. I was out clubbing and heard about it, rushed home and bought it
    one time. The way that album captivated everyone, it was on the news and
    shit! To me that’s album of the year because that was an event. That album
    drop was an event and will never be forgotten, she created history with
    that one and she deserved that recognition from the grammys. #Beyhive fuck
    a Beck str8 up. Beyoncé didn’t win but should have.