4 delicious lassis to cool down with this summer

Good for the digestive system, refreshing and delicious; you needn’t another reason to love Lassi. Of course if you’re a smug Punjabi, you already know that. Although more prevalent in Punjab, Lassi is a national favourite. Whether you like yours sweet or savory, thin or dense, Lassi is unquestionably the perfect way to cool down in the summer.

Here are some delicious variations of Lassi to enjoy during the hot days:

Strawberry lassi

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Slightly tangy and deliciously sweet-smelling, strawberry lassi is refreshing and thoroughly satisfying. You can also have it for breakfast.

Find recipe here

Mango lassi

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Mango. Need more be said? We love mangoes in all forms and we love lassi. The two pair so well, that mango lassi is frequently made in most households in the summer. You can also add mint or basil to mango lassi, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Find recipe here

Pistachio Rosewater Lassi

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For something light and invigorating rosewater lassi is the way to go. Chopped pistachios go well with this lassi but can be swapped with almonds.

Find recipe here

Chocolate Lassi

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Another excellent combination; chocolate and dairy are just made for each other. We are already fondly familiar with chocolate milk and chocolate shakes, so why not lassi? It’s much lighter but undeniably delicious.

Find recipe here

If you have other lassi recipes to add, leave a comment below! 

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4 delicious lassis to cool down with this summer

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4 delicious lassis to cool down with this summer

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