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  • Ashton Hasting

    Yesssss FIFTH HARMONY WON!!!! It took us A Long Periodolically Time and
    cramps to get them to win once again and it was all Worth It ( Go watch the
    music video I’ts Awesomesauce and VERRY HOT I Warned You HARMONIZERS!!!)
    Harmonizers are the best Fandome because we go above and beyond for our 5
    Queens I’m proud to call myself a Harmonizer. <3

  • mimiariana

    I was sooo happy that laura and ross won! But i really wanted the books of
    Rick Riordan to win because honestly! The percy jackson series and the
    heroes of olympus is the most amazing book there is! Who’s with me on this

  • sonya likes food

    Selena winning best singer is a joke. she is not a singer. but that’s ok,
    watch all her peers get Grammys while she gets kcas

  • tay tay

    “5h doesn’t deserve it they voted for themselves”

    Ok first of all like shut the fuck up bc they aren’t the only ones in the
    world that voted for themselves. Second it’s a fucking KCA award! Get over
    it 5sos fans! Your the ones complaining that u don’t want ur wanna be punk
    band a kids band so stop making a big deal. Third, 5sos voting way more for
    themselves. Their main twitter acc rted and faved ppl voting non stop. Also
    their mains too. 5h main acc rted 10 ppl the most since it’s started and I
    know cuz I counted. Camila voted 2 times. Ally once. Lauren none. Normani
    once and Dinah once. Like stop being butt hurt every time u lose. U guys
    aren’t superior stop acting like it. 5h deserve way more since they didn’t
    get fame for being someone’s support act. 

  • χχєℓℓαχχ

    I wish Taylor would’ve won an award. Selena wins that category almost every
    year and she barely came out with a song this year (only one). And bang
    bang, really? A song about desperately wanting to fuck a guy wins a KIDS
    choice awards blimpy? Tragic. Other than that, the only thing that excited
    me was 5h winning and 5sos preforming.

  • χχєℓℓαχχ

    Fifth Harmony deserves the award for various reasons. The biggest reason
    WHY THEY DESERVED THE AWARD is because they are women, most importantly
    women of color. Latina, African American, and Polynesian women trying to
    inspire young girls no matter what your race, skin color, where you are
    from, you can still make it big in life. Why is the 5sos fam pressed about
    it? Most of you guys are girls, you should be proud women are starting to
    get noticed as superior in the music industry. Let’s be happy for them.

  • AriSlaysMusic _

    KCA’s are totally rigged. Selena Gomez won over Taylor Swift? Wrong. And
    I’m an Ariana Grande fan. She totally deserved it more. And I was shocked
    mainly because Ariana Grande is from Nickelodeon. KCA’s are known to have
    more family friendly winners who are either at the awards, or from the Nick
    or Disney background. It’s totally rigged.

  • Kunsang Sharzur

    I’m a big fan of 5H and 5SOS, I enjoy their music and they’re both insanely
    talented. But I’ve declared that the 5sos is one of the rudest fan bases I
    have ever laid eyes on. Especially when the majority are female fans, why
    do you have to hate on 5H? They’ve done so much this year and have been
    trying their hardest in promoting self-love and women empowerment. It’s
    crazy how 5SOS bash them because they dress “too sexual” or “aren’t new nor
    are they talented” when half of you can’t sing for shit and wear short
    shorts every day (that might sound stereotypical but it is true). It’s
    sometimes embarrassing to admit that I’m a 5SOS fan because of the rest of
    the rude fan base. I’m just going to stand with Fifth Harmony on this one. 

  • YukinoAguria

    Eergh even if 5sos wins,their fandom gonna boast and humiliate 5h and when
    they lose its the same thing., its better if they win nothing pffftt

  • Purple Jammer AJ

    Dang, really wanted to see ouat take home the award. But most of all Jen
    Morrison!! She was blessed with such amazing acting talents, she is so

  • Music Lover

    What about Taylor Swift!!!!!!????? She has done such an amazing job this
    year, and they choose Selena??!!!! Come on people!!!!

  • MyRihanna11

    Fifth Harmony c: I’m so proud. …and Angelina Jolie knew who they were and
    so do her kids and Lauren got a picture with her and had the biggest smile
    on her face

  • Niki A

    5sos fans STFU FOR GOD’S SAKE your guys voted for themselves too!!5h
    deserved the award and they have worked so hard this year!

  • Andrea is cake af bye

    congrats 5h all ur hard work voting for yourself has paid off…..hope u
    thanked yourselves in ur speech bc u should be proud of how much u girls
    voted for yourself and bribed fans goodjob 🙂 

  • dan moore

    I SWEAR i am freaking proud of my girls FH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to be
    part of their success and they seriously deserve every single bit of it

  • Jana Majerus

    I was so excited for the whole austin and ally cast they deserved so
    much…. I’m so happy for laura it was definitely her day

  • Zena Ude

    Bruno mars should have won best male singer. Its just because nick jonas
    was the host that they picked him. It would have been awkward if he didnt

  • Iam Swift

    Seriously?! Best Male Artist: Nick Jonas?! God, these kids. And Best Female
    Artist: Selena?! I’m not hating on Selena actually. But, Tay deserved it

  • Lpsash111™

    Don’t get me wrong I love Ariana,Jessie,Nicki,and Selena but who did Bang
    bang win over Dark horse and Selena win ever year like last year and 2013
    she need to give other a chance to win it been long since Katy won like
    three years ago and some of the other nominees never won so I think “IN MY
    OPINION” Selena need to give other people a chance also I think there
    voting system is mess up or have a glitch idk??